What’s Preventing You From Launching, Winning & Leading?

LeaderForce’s 10 Commandments

to Change Your Paradigm and Help You Win

Startup Methodology

Moving from running a verified business model to SEARCHING for new business model

Business Model Canvas vs Business Plan

Launch Strategy

Develop a Go to Market Strategy and Actually Reach Customers

Community Management & Building

The core difference between out-dated advertising principles (1950s) and Startup Launch Principles...

Become the Hero of Your Followers

The reason marketing campaigns crush it depends on this...

Action Websites not Billboards

Old style websites don't do anything for you.

Developing a Remarkable a Product

Marketing boils down to connecting and a having Remarkable product.

Engage Your Customers

Followers subconsciously disdain brands that simply run an Ad, "Buy My Product." You lose a lot of the long tail.

Your Funnel Leads Them To Their Needs

People expect you to lead them by-the-hand to what they need, through an automated process.

Meet Their Present Needs Prior to Needing Your Ultimate Product

If you let a customer pass who shows slight interest in your brand and don't scoop them up and meet their immediate need.... You suck...

Incubate Your Long Tail Customers

Entice & Remind at a Distance

Better Brands, Sites, & Assets Convert MORE!

Build Launch Networks

Market and Talk Directly Your Customers

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